Oxford Virtual Academy Registration

All students wishing to participate in classes at Shenanigans Farm must complete this REGISTRATION FORM to reserve their seat. A limited number of students will be placed in each class, following the order in which their registrations were submitted (date/time) until the class is full. Additional students will be placed on a wait list in the order in which registrations were received. Students will be put in classes based on level of experience and fulfillment of prerequisites.

Prior to the first day of class, all parent/guardians will be required to sign a RELEASE AND INDEMNITY AGREEMENT. Students without signed release forms will be unable to participate in any activities at the barn. 

Name must match exactly as student was registered with OVA.
Birth Date *
Birth Date
Level II is full and now placing students on a waitlist. Closely review class descriptions before enrolling at www.shenanigans.farm/ova
Parent Name *
Parent Name
REQUIRED RIDING GEAR -Riders must use an approved USEF helmet that fits properly. No bike, ski, etc. helmets are allowed. Helmets are available to borrow at the farm if needed. -Riders must wear paddock boots or shoes with a 1⁄4 - 1⁄2“ heel and a hard sole. Tennis shoes, rubber mud boots or high heels are not allowed when riding. -Please wear warm clothes, gloves and boots. The indoor arena is protected from the elements but not heated, so warm clothes and layers are necessary. RIDING PREPARATIONS -Arrive on time. -Classes are cancelled if the temperature is above 90° or below 15°. -Instructors need the complete attention of their students. Parents are encouraged watch their students from the upstairs Observation Room to eliminate distraction. -No one is to enter the ring without permission. FRIENDS AND FAMILY -Only students that have a signed release form are allowed to handle, brush, ride, and participate in any Shenanigans Farm horse activities. All others need to stay in designated areas. -All friends and family must stay in designated viewing areas; guests are not allowed in grooming areas, riding arenas, stalls or paddocks. -Do not allow children to run, yell or scream. We have many horses and riders that may be startled by these activities. PROPERTY GUIDELINES -The speed limit through the farm is 5 MPH. We have many children, pets and horses that need to be kept safe from speeding cars. -Please stay away from pond. -Do not park on the grass. -Leave your dogs at home. -Please ask prior to petting or feeding any treats to any horses and ponies. ATTENDANCE/MISSED CLASSES -Attendance is mandatory. -Student must provide Shenanigans Farm with notice if unable to attend a class. -Review additional details re: attendance and coursework requirements within each class description at www.shenanigans.farm/ova
I have read and agree to adhere to the Shenanigans Farm Policies outlined above. *