For the well being of each animal boarded in our facility, all horses at Shenanigans Farm must be under the care of an approved veterinarian, and blacksmith.  They must have all shots, worming, and consistent care from a blacksmith. All boarders must submit proof of all required shots and worming. No exceptions.

Shenanigans Farm Full Equine Program

  • Daily cleaning of stall

  • Daily turnout (weather permitting)

  • Feeding and monitoring weight and diet.

  • Administer any and all supplements, medications, etc. as supplied by customer.

  • Putting on and taking off requested turn out boots, etc.

  • Blanketing at night if customer does not come out.

  • Taking off blanket if weather deems appropriate.

  • Schedule all farrier and veterinary appointments.

  • Horses/ponies are put on the same shot, worming, teeth program.

  • Assist vet/blacksmith when they are here.

  • After care for any injuries - wrapping, wound cleaning, required shots, poulticing, walking, etc.

  • 8 free scheduled group lessons. Private lessons are extra. As a courtesy, customer is not charged extra if lessons exceed 8 in one month. There is no reimbursement or carry over if 8 lessons are not taken, as the lessons are free with your monthly Equine Program)

  • Exercising/supervising your horse while you are on vacation or when you cannot be present.


Limited horse and pony lease packages are available to Shenanigans Farm students who are ready to move up to the next level of their riding program. Leasing is a great way to experience owning a horse without the commitment involved with owning a horse. It is recommended that riders interested in purchasing a horse, first lease.

Lease rates vary by horse and pony. 

Payment Policies





Payments are due the 1st of each month.  Please mail check to the farm or deposit it in the payment box in the Observation room. 

Late checks will be charged the following month according to date of receiving payment. Late charges are outlined below:  
Payments after 10th:        $25 late fee
Payments after 15th:        $35 late fee
Payments after 25th:        $50 late fee
Returned checks:              $40 service charge